About me...

I am a Frenchman arrived in Portland, Oregon, United States in 2004. Since then, I have not ceased to enjoy the many good aspects of this pleasant city, such as the friendly people, the lovely downtown area, the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains!

I currently work for netVigilance, Inc., a leader in vulnerability assessment (VA), delivering corporate information security solutions to meet the heightened demand for network intrusion prevention, network security.

I hold a Masters in Computer Science. I majored in Network & Telecoms from Ecole d'Ingénieurs des Technologies de l'Information et du Management (EFREI)(Paris, FRANCE) and McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

With more than seven years of experience in Computer Security, and having held the positions of Security Engineer, Consultant and more recently Director of Security Research, I gathered a strong expertise in managing information security projects and I have worked with many different technologies towards the single goal of making corporate computer networks more secure.

Carrying with me a broad set of abilities, I have an in depth knowledge of vulnerability assessment and prevention solutions, as well as good capacities of analyzing, identifying, characterizing and providing solutions to security risks.

I am a Certified Alpine Skiing and Sailing Instructor and on my free time I enjoy trips to the coast, or to the Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Meadows ski resorts.

For more details, I invite you to visit my resume or my LinkedIn profile.